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Being the best is a great claim to make, so it's nice when someone else does it for you. In the case of VA Home Loans there are no official statistics kept on the mortgage niche. Fortunately there is a major mortgage publication that goes through the steps to identify the Number One VA Loan Originators in the country.

Scotsman Guide is a leading mortgage publication that has survived the dismal housing and mortgage markets. Every year they identify the top producing loan officers in the country. They also break it down into categories including the small niche of VA Home Loans which no other organization takes the time to do.

It was always bold and difficult to go out and claim to be the best in VA Loans when there were no official statistics kept but now it's much easier since there is an independent 3rd party to do so. Every year Scotsman Guide has ranked the Number One VA Loan Originators as working with Flagship Financial Group - VA Mortgage Leaders. This past year there was seven different VA Loan Specialists that were recognized as some of the best in the country.

It is an honor to be recognized as number one specifically when it comes to serving those that have honorably served our country. To continue to be recognized as the most productive and successful consecutively is fantastic. Proving the consistency and the improvements year after year is a great achievement.

There are benefits to working with the best; we look to work with the best in every facet of our lives. You can remove a lot of the fears and concerns especially when you're dealing with an overwhelming process such as a VA Home Loan by simply working with the Best. To contact the Best VA Loan Originators in the country call toll free (800) 485-2332 and look at your valuable opportunities that are available to you today!

Mortgage interest rates continue to drop and are at all-time lows. Property values continue to decline nationwide which combined with the low interest rates has created the "perfect storm" for home affordability. More people can afford homes than ever before. If you are interest in considering a purchase or refinancing your VA Home Loan then call today for a free no obligation consultation with the best!