Is There an Age Limit on VA Home Loans?


The VA loan benefit is offered to all qualifying veterans who have met their time in service requirements and/or discharge requirements. Some military people use their VA home loan benefits as soon as they are eligible, while others wait until later in life to invest in a home.

Borrowers who buy early, pay off their VA mortgages and decide to purchase again later on may wonder if there’s a time limit or even an age limit for VA home loan eligibility. Fortunately, VA home loan rules are clear on these subjects.

VA loan rules state that a borrower who has purchased and paid off a home with a VA insured mortgage can apply for another home loan--but the first requirement is that the borrower must apply for restored VA loan eligibility. This means showing proof that the original VA loan has been paid in full or otherwise satisfied.

Borrowers are required to sell the property before getting VA loan eligibility restored, but on a one-time basis the Department of Veterans Affairs does permit a new VA loan without requiring the borrower to sell the first property.

The VA requires the borrower to submit proof in either case, showing the property has been paid off (and sold, where applicable). VA loan eligibility must be restored before loan approval can be issued for a new VA mortgage. Your loan officer can help get the eligibility restoration process started.

Borrowers should know there is no time limit or “maximum age” limit on VA loans. As long as a borrower is otherwise qualified, age and time do not play a part in the loan approval process, except where legal minimum age and mental competency are concerned–a borrower must be of legal age and considered competent to sign a binding contract in the state where that contract is to be enforced.